Remote Starter Systems

It’s winter (and you’re not in California or Florida). You park your car on the street and it snows three inches. It’s now 10 degrees―and you’ve got to get to work. You bundle up, trudge through the snow to your car, get snow all over your front while you scrape ice off the windshield, and get into a 10-degree car. Once you start the engine, you sit there shivering for five minutes waiting for the engine to warm up and some heat to emerge from the vents so you and the windshield can defrost.

If this sounds familiar, and you don’t like the memory, your winter mornings could be much cozier if you invested in a remote starting system for your ride. The same is true for those whose summer driving experiences involve climbing into a 110-degree oven strange, it looked like your car and burning your legs on the seats (Californians and Floridians, take note).

A remote starter allows you to start your car or truck using a key-fob remote control―without going outside. If you left the heat or A/C on, it turns on when the engine does. Your car can warm up cool down, so it’s nice and comfortable when you get in. A bonus is the warmed-up car thaws the ice on the windshield, too. And in hot regions, seats will be cooled off and you can touch your steering wheel without oven mitts.

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