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Night time driving just got easier by simply changing your rearview mirror.

Eliminate dangerous glare from rear-approaching headlights with sensors and electronic circuitry that detect glare and automatically dim the mirror accordingly.

Ever lose track of where you are going? Add replacement mirrors that constantly display the compass in the corner of the mirror.

Other Options:

  • Home-link Universal Control System
  • Outside Temperature Reading
  • Rear Camera Image

HOMELINK ( Programing and Info )

HomeLink®, the Wireless Control System that learns the codes for up to three remote control devices, is now available in a universal mount that can be mounted in the headliner or spare compartment.

No more fumbling to find the remote control. No more crowded visors with multiple remotes for garage door openers, security lights and entry gates.

Now all these devices can be operated with dedicated buttons integrated into a auto-dimming rearview mirror equipped with HomeLink®.


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