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When you decide to buy a spray-on bed-liner, you may be doing some research to see what the best product is out there. There are so many choices! It’s a big decision and with the right liner, you will have it for the life of your vehicle. You don’t want to choose the wrong liner and have to go through the process again in a couple of years. So why should you choose an Armadillo Liner over the rest of the pack?

It all comes down to one aspect – quality. We are committed to creating the perfect sprayed-on bed-liner. This means the chemical formulation used in an Armadillo Liner have the highest level of impact, abrasion, and corrosion resistance on the market. Like the armadillo itself, our spray-on bed-Liner becomes a hard shell that will protect your vehicle from damage caused by anything you haul in your truck bed. You know that when you purchase a liner, you will never have to worry about getting another liner again for your vehicle.


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